R2K Contracting can offer a large range of leading national and international hydraulic brands.

Please note: most item will be ordered on request.

Product category Description
Accessories Oil Reservoir and lids
Drive components, couplings, bell housings
Heat exchangers, liquid and air
Level sight gauges, level gauges
Breathers and fillers
Tank top manifolds and accessories
Suction and return flanges
Cylinders Agricultural ASAE standard
Tie rod cylinders
Re-phasing cylinders
Tipper Hoist and body cylinders
Filters Suction filters, in tank or in line
Return filters, tank mount or in line
Spin-on filters, elements and heads
Inline filters, High and medium pressure
Gearboxes Torque-hub wheel drives “Auburn Gear”
Torque-hub shaft output drives “Auburn Gear”
Multipurpose gearboxes, PTO, outrigger bearing assemblies
Hose and Fittings H&R Hydraulic and Taipan, Hose fittings & adaptors Gates & Child hose & fittings
Rivalit and Taipan Hydraulic Hose
Hose, Fluid Connectors, tube and super clamps, plastic spiral wrap
Instrumentation and Gauges Instrumentation and gauges
Pressure switches
Measurement equipment, flow meters
Sensors, flow, temp, pressure
Mini test 20 fittings and hoses
Quick Release / breakaway couplings Standard ISO A & B couplings
PBR interchange truck – trailer couplings
Brackets, plugs and caps
Motors Gear motors
Axial piston motors & bent axis motors fixed or variable displacement
Orbital gerotor/geroler motors
Radial piston motors fixed or variable displacement
Power Steering Power steering pumps
Steering orbital control units
Steering accessories, priority valves, torque amplifiers, columns & steering wheels
Power Units Standard power packs, petrol or diesel, 12 or 24 volt
Standard power units, petrol or diesel, 240 or 410 volt
Custom design
Pumps Gear pumps, fixed displacement, PTO, log splitter pumps,
Vane pumps, fixed or variable displacement
Piston pumps, fixed or variable displacement
Valves Check valves, line type and pilot type
Ball valves & needle valves
Pressure compensated adjustable flow control valves
Pressure relief valves
Pressure reducing valves
Sequence valves, unloading valves
Counterbalance valves
Directional control valves, mobile, mono/sectional, CETOP
Proportional valves
Overcentre valves

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