R2K Contracting

R2K Contracting is an engineering company set up in the central wheat belt of Western Australia at Bruce Rock.

It is specialising in Hydraulics sales and service, with other mechanical and engineering services are available.

We can Overhaul hydrostatic transmissions out of most makes of Headers also resealing of rotary type diesel fuel injection pumps off Chamberlain and other tractors as well as the forward – reverse shuttle transmission (Velvet Drive)

3 thoughts on “R2K Contracting

  1. Hi, I just saw a picture on Twitter of a hydraulic PTO on I think a new Holland 9682 versatile, we have one with a power shift trany in it , it has two hydraulic pumps, one one the engine and one on the transmission to drive hydro motors, we would like to use this tractor on a chasser bin but have had mixed feedback on whether it could run one, have you done much work on these tractors, thanks Anthony Hall.


    • Hi Anthony, what bard and model of chaser bin have you got or intend using? your tractor will run a 200cc/rev hydraulic motor at 540 Rpm no problems and I have them running TruFab 25 Ton bins with no problems


    • Anthony I will correct myself, it looks like your tractor only has the piston pump on the side of the engine to run the remotes this is a 45cc/rev pump which will give you around 100 L/min at full noise, do you have the Hi Flow kit fitted this will give you around 180 l/min could you please check and get back or we would need to flow test you tractor. The tractor in the photo was only running a spreader bin.


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